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      Guarantees, standards and declarations

      They opt for a wide-ranging and quality portfolio, for efficient services adapted to every profession and a guarantee of peace of mind while benefiting from content innovation. 

      • The Anti-corrosion DIRICKX guarantee

        When you choose a DIRICKX product, you are choosing the quality of French know-how. 7 types of anti-corrosion guarantees for all requirements of quality and endurance 

        In addition to the statutory guarantees set out in our general Terms and Conditions, we offer 7 types of commercial anti-corrosion guarantees that are applicable depending on the products and their finish (PVC, aluminium, polyester), and on recommendations concerning use (installation category and maintenance).

        - PVC Finish : 
        . High adherence plastic coating by fluidisation is a manufacturing process that ensures the PVC adheres to the steel wire. It guarantees maximum corrosion resistance. 
        . Chainlink products in galvanised and extruded laminated finish are not affected. 

        - Aluminium Finish : 
        . Aluminium provides very high corrosion resistance. 
        . It is particularly recommended for industrial or maritime atmospheres. 

        - Polyester Finish:
        . The polyester finish offers outstanding resistance to UV and adverse weather conditions and provides a very attractive gloss finish. 
        . Relevant environments according to standard ISO 12944-2 : C1 very low, C2 low, C3 medium. 
        . Products installed in zones C4 high, C5 high and C5 very high are not covered. 

        - Protect+ Option :
        . For polyester-coated products installed in C4 high, C5 high and C5 very high environments, the Protect+ option provides a 5 or 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee depending on the product and category. 

      • How do the anti-corrosion guarantees apply ? 

        Our anti-corrosion guarantees apply automatically, from the date of delivery, to DIRICKX products installed within the regulations. Each guarantee is conditional upon the maintenance of the products according to DIRICKX recommendations, taking into account the categories and degrees of corrosion. Accessories are excluded from warranty.

        For each DIRICKX guarantee, the rate of coverage evolves according to the number of years, according to a clearly defined scale of obsolescence.

      • Operational guarantees 

        There are two types of operational guarantees on products requiring commissioning : 
        - DIRICKX 2 year guarantee for motorisation system products 
        - Service contract of 2-5 years 

        2 year DIRICKX guarantee for motorisation system products 
        DIRICKX offers a 2 year guarantee on its gate/point of access motorisation system to customers who are certified installers. This guarantee covers both the supply of the motor and the card in the event of a failure or malfunction.  All other parts are not covered by the guarantee. This guarantee does not replace the legal obligation to enter into a maintenance contract. 

        2-5 year maintenance contract 
        Inspections of the safety and structural soundness of the entire installation must be carried out at least once every six months (Articles R4224-12, R4224-13 of the French labour law and article 9 of order n° TEFT9301288A of 21st December 1993). This means that in the case of failure to keep a record of these inspections, the site owner could be held liable in the event of personal injury to a third party or an employee. 

        Upon entering into a 2-5 year DIRICKX Services maintenance contract when commissioning a motorised gate or point of access, the guarantee will cover all components (including the motor system and consumables) and their replacement (parts and repair fee) for the duration of the contract. 

        NOT COVERED (by either the guarantee, or the contract) : 

        - Parts subject to wear : rollers, track wheels, pinion, racks, receivers/transmitters 
        - Parts damaged by accident or vandalism 


      • The guarantees for wind  

        DIRICKX offers a commercial guarantee of 10 years from date of purchase, for the « AXYLE® privacy fencing», in accordance with the conditions in the DIRICKX guarantee booklet. 

        The product is the complete AXYLE® system comprised of the following elements : 
        - AXYLE® post 
        - AXYLE® or AXIS® panel with the characteristics as set out in the DIRICKX guarantee booklet 
        - LIXO® privacy slats with the characteristics as set out in the DIRICKX guarantee booklet  


        Configuration 1 :
        - Post : AXYLE® with reinforcement zone 3-4 embedded 
        - Panel : AXIS® DR maximum 2 metres high 
        - Number of metal clips per side of post : 6 (12 clips in total) 
        - Number of clip connecting screws : 6 
        - Privacy slats : LIXO® HORIZONTAL along the entire height 
        This configuration also applies to all panel heights below two metres. 

        Configuration 2 :
        - Post : AXYLE® with reinforcement zone 1-2 embedded 
        - Panel : AXYLE® CS or AXYLE® CD or AXIS® D maximum 1.90 metres high 
        - Number of metal clips per side of post : 5 (10 clips in total) 
        - Number of clip connecting screws : 3 
        - Privacy slats : LIXO® WOOD or LIXO® TOP or LIXO® 3D or LIXO® HORIZONTAL or LIXO® + FINISH at 1.90m high 
        This configuration also applies to all panel heights below 1.90 metres. 

        Configuration 3 :
        - Post : AXYLE® without reinforcement on base-plate or embedded 
        - Panel : AXYLE® CS or AXYLE CD or AXIS D maximum 1.90m high 
        - Number of metal clips per side of post : 5 (10 clips in total) 
        - Number of clip connecting screws : none 
        - Privacy slats : LIXO® WOOD or LIXO® TOP or LIXO® 3D or LIXO® HORIZONTAL or LIXO® + FINISH at 1.90m high 
        This configuration also applies to all panel heights below 1.90 metres. 



        Conditions for installation conditions : 
        - The « installation » of « AXYLE® privacy fencing » must be carried out by a professional, an imperative condition for the activation of the guarantee. 
        - The professional must respect i) the recommandations relating to the types and dimensions of embedding as set out in the table below and ii) must also ensure beforehand, the characteristics of the site (cf. Eurocode wind map and category of terrain NF- EN 1991-1-4 / NA). Failing this, the present guarantee cannot be sought. 
        - The Guarantee applies exclusively to the installation of the « AXYLE® privacy fencing » on solid embedding according to our dimensional recommendations. Consequently, the installation on low walls and the installation on sleeve plates are formally excluded from the guarantee. 

        Scope of the guarantee
        - Wind resistance guarantee : Only AXYLE® privacy fencing having undergone a substantial deformation due to the weather conditions related to the wind, is covered by the guarantee, to the exclusion of any other cause (vandalism, flooding, accident etc). It is a question of a guarantee of the stability of the fence. 
        - Guarantee entitlement : The guarantee entitles, at the discretion of DIRICKX, either i) to the refund of the product(s) damaged, it being specified that the refund of the deteriorated products is carried out with the application of a reduction of 10% of the catalogue price of the defective products from the second year following the installation, or ii) to the repair of the defective parts. 

        - Exclusions from the guarantee :
        . Installation services are not covered by this commercial guarantee. 
        . The commercial guarantee is not operable in the case of a natural disaster. 
        . This guarantee only works under the condition that DIRICKX INDUSTRIES has received the full sale price of the AXYLE® privacy fencing. 
        . The placement of the AXYLE® privacy fencing in poor soils, that means, in back-filled soils, or with unstable compacting with a pressure limit of 1 to 5 bar (mud, peat, for example) 
        . In the case of non-compliance of article 7 of the DIRICKX INDUSTRIES GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE. 

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