Railings in a public place

Railings - Stylish and robust, our railings range are perfect to secure and enhance public places.

Site using EXALT® Origin railings in Budapest.
  • Site using railings in a public park. 

    Railings are perfect for fencing a public place. It brings design and beauty to catch the eye of passers-by while protecting the area. 
    For this project, the customer chose the DIRICKX EXALT® range with the ORIGIN model. Round bars of different lengths distributed irregularly and vertically on either side of the rail. The gap between the bars remains even and does not exceed 110mm.

  • 3D view of the EXALT® Origin railing  

    3D view of the EXALT® Origin railing  

  • The EXALT® Origin railing    

    The EXALT® railing protects and enhances areas in an original and contemporary way. It adapts well to housing complexes, public places and service sector sites.
    You can combine it with a gate to keep a visual continuity.