Privacy slats in a private residence

Use our combinations of panels and blackout systems to be able to enjoy your outdoors in peace.

Site using AXIS D® rigid panels with LIXO® Horizontal privacy slats in Budapest.
  • Site using welded panels at a private residence

    Welded panel fencing is a permanent solution to create a boundary and protect your home. This solution is more resistant and aesthetic than mesh roll fencing. In addition, privacy slats can be added to create a visual wall between your property and the outside. All this while bringing a contemporary touch to your garden. On this site, the customer opted for an AXIS D® rigid panel that is reinforced with double horizontal wire. This panel is combined with LIXO® HORIZONTAL privacy slats which are a horizontal system braided between the mesh of the panel. 

  • Focus AXIS® D panel and LIXO® Horizontal privacy slats 

    Focus on the braiding of the LIXO Horizontal blackout system.

  • Combination of panel and privacy slats

    The combination of panels and privacy slats is a recurring theme in private gardens. You can enjoy your exterior space without being seen by passers-by or neighbours. In order to choose the privacy slat system, it is important to check the panel that is in use because not all panels are compatible with all privacy slats. 

    Discover our range of panel and privacy slats now.  

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