BLX 10

Long-reach barrier designed for HGV access and wide entrances, which can withstand extreme environmental and operational conditions (wind speeds of up to 160km/h, rotation of terminal frame following impact, etc.)
Lieux publics
Public areas
Sites tertiaires
Service sector sites
Sites industriels & logistiques
Industrial & logistics sites
Sites sensibles
Sensitive sites
Contact Dirickx
1125 mm
Largeur panneau
4-10 m


• Number of cycles per day: 10,000.
• Average number of cycles between failures: 3 million.
• Average operating time between failures: 15,000 hours.
• Movement time: adjustable from 2 to 9 secs.
• Emergency operation: manual or automatic.
• Electric power supply: 230V single-phase.


1,125 x 4-10 m


  • Budget
  • Design
  • Security level
  • Ease of installation

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