• DIRICKX becomes a learning company

    DIRICKX has chosen e-learning to train its clients' teams continuously while maintaining flexibility and permanent flexibility.
    Improve the skills of your employees in the world of fencing and involve them in a training plan dedicated to your requirements. This platform allows you to interact with the DIRICKX teams during your training.
    Academy by DIRICKX is a complementary tool to the training provided by our teams in the field directly with your employees.

  • Training according to your needs and your customers

    The formation of a sales department or an installation team is not the same and the level of information is different.
    It is the same for the typology of your clientele, we have created different training courses to meet the daily demands and demands of each of the learners.

  • Coming soon

    A selection of training themes from our e-learning platform. Contact us for more information on how to enroll in the academy.

    Everything you need to know about myMIX railings

    Via the different online training modules, find out how to choose the railing model best suited for your client. Do you want to customise the railings in the company colours ? It’s possible ! 

    Discover panels, posts and privacy systems

    With this module, you will enter the world of panels, posts and privacy solutions for rigid panels. Do you have a new colleague in your team ? Are you new yourself ? It’s the moment to get training ! 

    Find out about the ELIXIR® range of guardrails for private homes !

    Dare to offer guardrails for your client’s homes. Thanks to the DIRICKX Academy, find out how the ELIXIR® guardrails are as simple to design as to install !