NEW : The reversible motor !

Soon the new reversible motor will be available for our ALLIX sliding and cantilever gates.

This is a great opportunity for us to share behind the scenes with you : in the heart of our test area, where its performance and reliability have been confirmed.


The Mag'
  • What are its characteristics ?


    The reversible motor is particularly recommended for housing collectives and public areas. In the event of a power cut, this type of motor allows users to quickly evacuate the site.

    This motor is available for the ALLIX sliding and cantilever gates.

    The tests are conclusive and our motors have already received the STCB certification (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building).


    To learn more, browse our guide !


    The documents detailing the product and the motor are now available on the product pages :

    ALLIX Sliding gate

    ALLIX Cantilever gate


    Also check out the LinkedIn post of our Product Manager, Delphine BILLARD !