A romantic atmosphere for your garden

Get inspired for your garden decoration with DIRICKX mood boards

  • A minimalist layout

    This year, natural colours are in the spotlight: copper, ochre, beige… You can add touches of colour to your garden by using natural materials such as wood, stones or fabric. The trend for indoor and outdoor arrangement layout and decoration is towards a minimalist design, which brings a calm and peaceful atmosphere to the space. Create emphasis and an harmonious space by diversifying materials and plants. Dried plants and flowers are one of the current trends. It will allow the creation of a comfortable space, simple but welcoming, where you will enjoy spending time!

  • Natural patterns

    You can add pattern and personality to your space by using raw and natural materials. Fabric stitches, meshes, wood veins and plant details give proof of that. They bring details and patterns in a subtle and moderated way. Thanks to that you can organise your space while feeling close to nature and comfortable in your garden. ​

    You can then have the comfort of a patio while being in a natural space. If you dont have a large garden, this is the ideal solution

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