A modern jungle atmosphere for your garden

Get creative to decorate your garden with DIRICKX mood boards.

  • A jungle in your garden 

    ​If you would like a jungle inspired garden, this style is made for you! You can bring vegetation by adding leaf patterns on fabric items, or you can add some real plants too, it will give warmth and life to the space. For the garden furniture, it is the occasion to pick dark wood, it will perfectly match the organic atmosphere. For decorations and accessories you can choose copper-coloured or brass items, they will enhance the green of the plants and will bring reflection, while keeping a cosy and welcoming atmosphere to the space. They will also give structure to the organisation of the garden and a modern and trendy look. Plants are a good way to create paths in your garden and will prevent your garden from being overlooked by neighbours. You will have created a relaxing, cosy place, away from prying eyes…

  • Some plants to highlight your garden

    The green atmosphere will be a great match with dark green railings. It is an elegant colour that will go well with warm colours: warm sand, taupe, autumn maple… It will give a natural and autumn look to your garden, especially if you match it with a dark wood. For your furniture we advise you to pick simple, dark wire furniture, you can add some decoration that will go with it. It will bring balance to the busy, luxurious atmosphere created by plants and dark colours. If you want a brighter look, you can pick lighter wood varieties that will create softness and a summer-like atmosphere. You can opt for bamboo for its colour and straight lines, or white stone flooring that will keep the natural style. During summer, a shade sail can be a good idea to protect you from the sun while blending itself into the landscape and echoing the straight lines of the railings.

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