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      How to choose between small-fold panels, large-fold panels or flat panels ?

      Advantages depending on the type of panel

      Rigid fences, commonly referred to as ‘panels’ are available with or without folds.

      The panels with folds have a high rigidity thanks to the distribution of the folds according to the height of the panel. 

      Between the small-fold panels and the large-fold panels, it is above all a question of aesthetics and subjectivity.  The small folds are shallower (35mm), shorter (100mm high) and have a more triangular shape. The large folds are deeper (50mm) with a softer, more rounded and longer line (200mm high).

      The flat panels do not have this relief (this 3D effect) but combine finesse and rigidity thanks to the horizontal double wires.

      When privacy slats are added to the panels, the large-fold panels require larger reinforcements with rigid privacy slats, this is to be taken into account.

      Small-fold panels will be more discreet when the privacy slats are added.

      The flat panels, due to the horizontal double wires are only compatible with the LIXO® Horizontal privacy slats. This can have an impact on the choice of fence.


      Recommended combinations
      For each type of rigid panel, the recommended posts are :
      -    Flat panels : AXYLE® post (symmetry of post and panel), AXOR® or AXIS®
      -    Large-fold panels : AXIS® post for sturdiness
      -    Small-fold panels without cut-outs : AXYLE® post, to integrate the depth of the fold into the rebate (width of post)
      -    Small-fold panels with cut-outs : AXOR® post or alternatively AXIS® if privacy slats added

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