ALLIX® Motorised swing gate with hydraulic cylinder

It meets the access requirements of any site with a choice of 2 motorised models
Collectifs d'habitation
Housing complexes
Lieux publics
Public areas
Sites industriels & logistiques
Industrial & logistics sites
Sites sensibles
Sensitive sites

• Standard infill: non-overstanding 25 × 25mm square bars, 110mm intervals
• Frame section 80 × 60mm
• Post section varies depending on the dimensions
• Base-plated post

Contact Dirickx
1-2,50 m
Largeur panneau
1,25-3 m
200 RAL colours


• Single- or double-leaf.
• 2 motorisation types to meet the specific access requirements of each individual site:
– Fail-secure system, ideal for industrial sites: the gate remains locked even when power is lost. Can be unlocked with a key.
– Fail-safe system, recommended for shared sites: in the event of power loss, the gate can be operated.
• A whole host of options and accessories to meet all requirements and applications.

• Pre-wired in factory.
• All accessories are pre-fitted on the structure (safety devices, lock, drop rod, maglock, etc.).
• Adjustable hinges.

• Accessories included in the pack and sized to ensure that the gate operates effectively and is secure (maglock, electric lock, spring drop rod, electric dropbolt).

In accordance with the standard CE NF 13241
10 year Polyester guarantee
Protect guarantee


1,25-3 x 1,00 m
1,25-3 x 1,20 m
1,25-3 x 1,50 m
1,25-3 x 1,70 m
1,25-3 x 1,80 m
1,25-3 x 2,00 m
1,25-3 x 2,20 m
1,25-3 x 2,50 m


  • Budget
  • Design
  • Security level
  • Installatiegemak

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