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Who we are/Expertise

A reputation as a pioneer based on innovative expertise

Our High Adherence plastic coating is one of our key strengths. We were the original promoter of this technique for plastic coating using fluidisation technology. Our expertise in this field led to an innovative approach, which involved first adapting the technique to welded wires and rolls, and then to posts and panels. This choice was made to maximise the durability of our products, which are now widely recognised for their quality.

Three related steps are essential for High Adherence coating: treatment and stabilisation of the steel surface, creation of a binding area, and coating.

Notre process industriel

Gate manufacture

As leader of the locks sector, DIRICKX INDUSTRIES manufactures metal gates at its 4,600m2 dedicated production facility.

  • 01Manufacturing the structure
  • 02Surface treatment: shot blasting
  • 03Cleaning: automatic air blowing
  • 04Anti-corrosive coating: zinc epoxy primer
  • 05Polymerisation
  • 06Powder coating with polyester paint
  • 07Polymerisation
Notre process industriel

Fencing and post manufacture

Plastic coating wires and welded mesh roll fencing
High Adherence plastic coating using fluidisation technology (PVC coating)

  • 01Wires and galvanised welded fence sheets
  • 02Adhesion primer
  • 03Preheating
  • 04Fluid bed powder coating
  • 05Polymerisation
  • 06Cooling
  • 07High Adherence plastic-coated welded wires and fence sheets

Plastic coating for posts, rigid panels and railings
Polyester High Adherence plastic coating

  • 01Galvanised welded posts and panels
  • 02Degreasing
  • 03Phosphating
  • 04Passivation
  • 05Drying
  • 06Powder coating
  • 07Polymerisation
  • 08High Adherence plastic-coated posts, panels and railings