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Who we are/History

Timeline of success

  • 1921Armand DIRICKX, from Belgium, sets up DIRICKX-TRIQUE (Trique was his wife's maiden name). The first fences and spikes are manufactured in a 30m² workshop in Congrier, Mayenne.

  • 1939Located close to the Anjou slate basins, DIRICKX starts manufacturing tile hooks. DIRICKX supplies the British army with substantial tonnages of Chainlink fencing.
  • 1949To meet growing demand, a new 2,500m² plant is set up in Renazé.
  • 1965Building works for a vast 15,000m² production facility are completed in Renazé.

  • 1966Albert DIRICKX, son of Armand DIRICKX, takes over the running of the company with his brother, Fernand DIRICKX.
  • 1968Launch of Vercors®, fencing and FAPEX® ® posts. Installation of an automatic galvanising line for tile hooks and FAPEX® posts.
  • 1970The production plant covers 24,000m².

  • 1971Introduction of a High Adherence plastic-coating line, the most efficient on the European market for DT Plast wire. The technique is adapted for welded mesh fencing in rolls and panels.

  • 1973Company founder Armand DIRICKX dies.
  • 1975DIRICKX builds new administrative offices next to the plant.
  • 1981DIRICKX buys OPPIDUM with its exclusive profile design and extends its gate range
  • 1984Jacques DIRICKX, son of Albert DIRICKX, becomes Chief Executive Officer.

  • 1985DIRICKX markets motor-driven gates for professional usage.
  • 1988DIRICKX receives the Laurier d'Or award for Quality and Innovation.
  • 1991The Group starts to establish its global presence with the creation of Slovakian subsidiary BC TORSION. DIRICKX launches the first AXIS® slotted posts for rigid panels with no fixing system.
  • 1993DIRICKX BOHEMIA is set up in the Czech Republic.
  • 1994Development of DIRICKX's installation and commissioning activities as the first ESPACE CLÔTURE branch is set up in Rennes (35).
  • 1995The ESPACE CLÔTURE network is extended with the opening of branches in Nantes, Toulouse and Strasbourg.
    DIRICKX receives the "Image Entreprise" award.
  • 1996ESPACE CLÔTURE branches opened in Montpellier, Bordeaux and Réunion Island.
  • 1997ESPACE CLÔTURE branch set up in Toulon.
  • 1998DIRICKX KERITES set up in Hungary.
    Opening of the ESPACE CLÔTURE ANTILLES branch in Guadeloupe and the ESPACE CLÔTURE branch in Arras.
  • 1999ESPACE CLÔTURE ENVIRONNEMENT branch set up in Martinique. DIRICKX SAS is awarded ISO 9002 certification followed by NF EN ISO 9001:2002 certification.
  • 2000New ESPACE CLÔTURE branch set up in Lyon.
  • 2001DIRICKX receives two awards: the Janus Design Award and the Gold Trophy for Design at BATIMAT.
  • 2002ESPACE CLÔTURE continues to grow, with branches set up in Clermont-Ferrand, Caen and Mery-sur-Oise.
    DIRICKX is awarded NF EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  • 2003DIRICKX receives two awards: the Strategic Design Trophy and the Dynamism Trophy. DIRICKX CHINA is set up in China.
  • 2004Jacques DIRICKX is named Entrepreneur of the Year for the West France region at the Grand Prix de l'Entrepreneur. A group of financial investors (led by Crédit Lyonnais Private Equity) buys a 34.14% stake in the DIRICKX Group. DIRICKX CHINA inaugurates a 9,000m² plant 60km from Beijing
  • 2005Jacques DIRICKX is named Entrepreneur of the Year for France. DIRICKX CHINA expands its plant to 14,000m².

  • 2006An ESPACE CLÔTURE branch opens in Bourges.
  • 2007 ESPACE CLÔTURE is renamed DIRICKX ESPACE PROTECT. A new DIRICKX ESPACE PROTECT branch opens in Agen. DIRICKX designs, develops and manufactures a new railing range: ELIXIR® for the residential market and XELYTE® and XYLIO® for the professional market. The DIRICKX Group redesigns its logo. A sponsorship agreement is signed with Nantes Football Club. DIRICKX becomes a partner of the Armand DIRICKX golf tournament, named after the Group's founder.

  • 2008Launch of the OXYLIUM® gate, the first extended-length cantilever gate with integrated motorisation.
    DIRICKX receives the 2008 INPI Innovation Trophy for the Pays de la Loire region.

  • 2009 DIRICKX designs, manufactures and installs the first cantilever modular gate with an opening width of 28 metres. Acquisition of CSC, a fence installation specialist based in Yerres, France. Acquisition of TGL, a gate coating specialist. DIRICKX receives the bronze trophy at the Jardin Plus Awards, an annual challenge for the best suppliers in distribution. Acquisition of PRO.SE.DE, specialist in the design and integration of high-security solutions. Acquisition of AMEX, a specialist in the design and installation of fences, gates and access control solutions.

  • 2010The DIRICKX Group expands its range of gates for professionals with the motorised swing gate for improved security, and the ALLIANCE PLUS® motorised cantilever gate for greater user comfort and a more attractive design. The DIRICKX Group launches AXISTADE®, a handrail for improving safety in sports stadiums.
    The DIRICKX family resumes control of the Group and parts with its financial shareholders.
    Acquisition of SNEE, a specialist in the installation of fences, gates and drive motors.

  • 2011Launch of the BUSINESS PACK®, a series of privileged services for our professional client partners. The DIRICKX Group launches AXYLE®, XYLIO® R and EXALT® railings.
    The DIRICKX Group takes part in the D&Co TV programme broadcast on French channel M6. DIRICKX SAS changes its name to DIRICKX INDUSTRIES. Launch of the EASY DETECT®, detection system.

  • 2012DIRICKX markets a new range of aluminium gates for the residential market with ELIXIUM®. A range featuring 5 custom-built aluminium sliding gate models (PURE, HORIZON, IRIS, HALO and AURA) with no rail or leaf, that can be either manual or motorised. The DIRICKX Group proclaims its roots and proudly marks its products "Made in Mayenne". Setup of DIRICKX SERVICES, a subsidiary offering installation, maintenance and after-sales services as well as components for automatic opening systems at the entrance to buildings.

  • 2013 Formation of a joint venture called DIRICKX OZYASAR in Turkey. DIRICKX focuses on innovation and designs LOOKX® with its infinite possibilities for customising your fence. The company launches a LOOKX® configurator which is awarded the BATIACTU Construction and Innovation Trophy in the chosen aid or online configurator/calculator category. DIRICKX is awarded the Silver Trophy at the "Innovation Trophy" Awards at COFAQ exhibition.
    DIRICKX wins the Pays de la Loire “Territoires & Innovation” award in the “design, architecture and creative economy” category.

  • 2014LOOKX® wins the 2014 LSA Garden Innovation award in the Composition - Artistic Innovation and Design category at the 12th annual Journées des Collections.