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Who we are/Sustainable development

Strong values

The DIRICKX Group has implemented a sustainable development strategy based on the following key values:

  • • Respecting local and international cultures by developing a strong corporate culture
  • • Respecting the environment
  • • Valuing work and creating a culture of initiative
  • • Ensuring staff safety
  • • Developing a taste for excellence
  • • Striving for customer satisfaction

In connection with this strategy, the DIRICKX Group has adopted broad principles for action based on respect for the environment and for safety and on an HSE policy which is implemented in all its subsidiaries.


Its environmental commitments can be seen through the introduction of a strategy for risk prevention and the reduction of environmental impact including:

  • • Respect for regulations
  • • Waste management and reduction
  • • Monitoring and controlling waste released into water or the atmosphere
  • • Analysis and reduction of the CO2 emissions associated with its activities ("Bilan Carbone" assessment)
  • • Increasing awareness of environmental criteria in the design and manufacture of our products, in particular in terms of recyclability.

This strategy is based on an environmental management system which complies with the requirements of the ISO 14001 international standard, for which our subsidiaries are in the process of receiving certification.