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brands and patents
central to our strategy

Quality and Innovation/Brands and patents central to our strategy

Innovate and protect

In a context of increasing globalisation and competition, we need to consolidate our leading position by incorporating innovation into our strategy. This approach is illustrated by an intellectual property approach that gained momentum in the late 1980s.

Intellectual property is a key issue for the company and meets three main aims:

  • • Promoting the company's expertise
  • • Ensuring sustainability for the company and employment
  • • Taking action against piracy.

Our patents, designs and trademarks : 98 patents, trademarks and models registered in 4 years. 47 patents, 33 trademarks and 18 models led to us being awarded the 2008 INPI Innovation Trophy.

    Over 84 patents, including 2 registered in 2013
    Over 60 models and drawings, including 36 registered in 2013
    Over 110 trademarks

DIRICKX registers several hundreds of domain names worldwide, including domains written in Arabic, ideograms (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) and Cyrillic, as well as registering new ccTLDs and gTLDs.

In France and internationally, DIRICKX protects and asserts its rights. Since 2010, DIRICKX has won over 8 legal proceedings (unfair competition, infringement, cybersquatting, oppositions, etc.).
1st registered patent : production process for an anti-intruder security fence registered in 1989 - no. 89/02704
1st registered trademark : ESPACE DIRICKX registered in 1983 - no. 1 249 801
1st registered design and model : AXIAL fence registered in 1987 - no. 871189