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Development of
new products
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Quality and innovation/Research & Development/Development of new products & services

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Clear objectives

  • • Listening to our customers and identifying their needs
  • • Finding innovative ideas
  • • Developing relevant solutions that meet our objectives
  • • Adopting effective production and manufacturing methods
  • • Bringing our products and services to market efficiently and selling them at the right price.

Pooling our expertise

A network of expertise : A single team including Marketing, a Design Office, Industrial Production and Quality, works daily on the design and development of new products and services and the optimisation of existing ones.

Several product launches each year

Our goal is to meet market needs as best we can and offer innovative solutions on a regular basis. Based on the results obtained during our Research activities, our innovation strategy involves producing something new and establishing its lasting presence on the market for our customers.

Listening to our clients

Our strong Research & Development policy offers innovative solutions to anticipate our customers' future needs. For each of our developments we offer new solutions when it comes to product installation and use, as well as servicing and maintenance by focusing on ergonomic design, form, materials and safety aspects.

An innovation policy that reaps just rewards

  • 1980International Quality Trophy
  • 1988Laurier d'Or award for Quality and Innovation
  • 1991International Commercial Prestige Trophy
  • 2001Janus Industry Award
  • 2001Gold Trophy for Design
  • 2003Strategic Design Trophy
  • 2003Dynamism Trophy
  • 2008INPI Innovation Trophy
  • 2009Bronze Trophy at the Jardin Plus Awards
  • 2010"Trophée de la Maison"
  • 20101st Prize for Innovation at the 7th edition of the "Journées des Collections"
  • 2013BATIACTU Trophy, chosen aid or online configurator/calculator category
  • 2013Silver Trophy at the "Innovation Trophy" Awards at COFAQ
  • 2013Pays de la Loire “Territoires & Innovation” award in the “design, architecture and creative economy” category.
  • 2014LSA Garden Innovation award in the Composition - Artistic Innovation and Design category at the 12th annual Journées des Collections.

Clôture LOOKX style Trendy

Clôture LOOKX style Trendy

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